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Monday, May 31, 2010

When a Vase is not a Vase

Sometimes the best vases are not vases at all, jugs and teacups look just beautiful to display a posie of flowers. Teacups are especially handy for very small flowers that are difficult to find a vase for.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Rose Harvest At Home

Some more photos at home of our re-vamped Back Yard featuring Rose Harvest Bits and Pieces.

Rose Harvest at Home

As I mentioned last week, the back yard at home has been receiving a long overdue makeover, so I have photographed some little bits and pieces, ( all from Rose Harvest of course!) to illustrate how different they look once in a garden environment.
The cast iron owl has been popular over the years,there is just something about owls!

Towards the end of this page there seems to be an abyss of nothingness where two or three photos have literally disappeared into cyber space, so just keep scrolling down to find some more!

An old tin tub painted green planted with some bulbs and pansies ,old cane chair and one of our many many gorgeous birdhouses.

This is a cast iron bird feeder, but I have used it for flowers,it looks nice just with water also, somewhere for the birds to have a drink.

We have some lovely urns,the really decorative ones don't need planting up as they are a feature all on their own.

I have this cast iron wreath just leaning against an old cupboard, it would also look great on an old door,hanging on a wall or in a tree. I will take some more photos next week as more progress is made!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh So Pretty

A collection of pretty things,trinket boxes,jewellery holders and lovely china.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More New Things

Pashminas in every colour of the rainbow and only $29, just the thing to keep you warm on these cooler days.

These silver birds have just arrived and are now our new favourite bird, four different patterns are available and they are a nice heavy weight.

The hearts are all inscribed with different sayings,lots of love involved!

These hearts are a nice casual decorating touch.

The peacocks are something different,they are cast iron and have a nice washed finish.

These tin embossed hearts would make a lovely bridal token.

The apples and pears are porcelain and the black is a very classy look amongst red,silver or white.

These are stone hearts and once again inscribed with loving messages.