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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Its been such a long time
since posting any photos on this webpage, sorry to everyone who has been checking in! Our facebook
page is our main source of updating new stock, so if you  dont normally check our page, do have a look. It is an open page for anyone to view, and new photos are posted almost daily.  Well, lots of changes at Rose Harvest in the past few months, we have been having lots of fun stocking fresh flowers which are delivered three times per week from Melbourne.  The varieties available are so gorgeous!! They are sold in bunches, so you can either purchase different bunches to mix up yourself (or we are happy to do this for you) or buy a bunch and have it beautifully wrapped to take home or to a friend.  This week as an example, you can find sweetpeas,freesias,ranunculus,lilium,kale,camelia,tulips,budding magnolia,stocks,alstroemeria,jonquils and daffodils.  Their fragrance is just heavenly! Our clothing range is expanding, and new spring fashion is starting to arrive, the colours this spring are so bright and fresh.  We have had a few teaser warm days in the past week, which has inspired some warm weather loving customers to start taking home new pieces for their spring wardrobe. Lots of inspiring books are also arriving each day, new titles not stocked before, and they are sure to make you want to do some changing and spring cleaning.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's been a great few weeks, with lots of people around, new activity in the mall, lovely sunny days and generally positive outlooks from one and all.

We have some lovely new stock arriving each day, after having visited the Sydney and Melbourne gift fairs during February, there was so much to choose from for our two stores. We have tried to keep a different feel at each one, with our 42 Langtree Store displaying a more bohemian feel, with colourful and exotic decorator pieces blended with French rustic touches.  The clothing range at 42 is growing, with 6 labels now kept, there are some really lovely easy to wear resort  style fashions for any age.  Our 85 Langtree store has a mixture of Industrial, French and rustic pieces, it is a huge space, and we are kept very busy keeping it filled to capacity  and making sure there is something new to see with each visit.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Character Building

I am a true believer in adding character to your living environment. Every room should have at least one piece of interesting detail, be it shabby, industrial , aged or shiny and new. It could be a piece that has a special meaning, something found on a trip away, or Nanas old favourite chair. Maybe a piece of art, a handcrafted item or something from the tip. It could be the cheapest item in the room, or the most expensive, but whatever it is every room needs a focal point.
I am loving filling the shop with all of the above, and mixing up a whole lot of styles  together.
Some great new book titles have been arriving, and they are great inspiration for adding or changing  your room.
Had lots of fun adding fresh flowers in many different containers this week, they really brighten up our day.